We’re big believers that how you shop creates a ripple effect not only in our communities but throughout the world.

With each purchase of our hand-crafted soy candles, you are partnering with The Beauty of Hope to help light the way to end human trafficking. Ten percent of The Beauty of Hope’s revenue is donated to non-profits who share this goal, encouraging our mission towards the deeper purpose of beauty.


There are millions of men, women and children trapped in slavery today. More than ever before in human history. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world generating more than $150 billion USD every year. Victims of human trafficking may be falsely promised jobs, forced into sexual slavery by a family member or someone they are romantically involved with or kidnapped.

Our founder and CEO Kristina Valiani started The Beauty of Hope as a dream to be a resource for non-profits who are focused on ending sex trafficking in our lifetime. We want to see every man, woman and child set free. From day one The Beauty of Hope has donated ten percent of each sale to organizations that are aligned with our mission.

Kristina chose to donate ten percent of revenue instead of profit because it’s truly the heartbeat behind our brands existence. When we give from the revenue instead of profit it shows that no matter what happens we give off the top and not what’s left over.

The Beauty of Hope’s primary partner is Atlas Free based in Kirkland, WA. We chose to link arms with Atlas Free because of the incredible work they are accomplishing through their local partner model. The local partners are fighting sexual slavery in their community in three different methods.


For women and children who have a safe home to return to after their rescue. Restoration centers offer education, vocational training and counseling during the day. With these resources, survivors can heal, provide for themselves and begin a new life free from slavery.


These partners play a crucial role in preventing slavery from occurring and fighting slavery on a community level. They specialize in outreach to vulnerable people, education on what trafficking looks like and how to stop it. They engage with laws and governments to fight slavery on a legislative level.


For survivors who don’t have a place to call home after they’ve been rescued, they can live in a safe environment and take part in counseling, education opportunities and community. Here is where survivors begin their journey towards independence, healing and hope.

Atlas Free chooses to partner with organizations who can demonstrate programmatic effectiveness, financial accountability and expert level understanding of slavery. Atlas Free is currently working in 26 countries, operating 90 prevention, education and restoration programs with 40 local partners. To learn more about their incredible work or donate directly visit atlasfree.org